Monday, 1 June 2015

Come fly with me

Hi everyone

As promised here are a few pics from my visit to the St Helena Airport site.  As most of you know, I am not a technical kind of girl, so updates on the airport progress can be found here

Standing outside the Terminal Building. 

On the runway

A big thank you to Basil Read for an enjoyable tour!
The NP Glory - Basil Read Supply Ship

Cannot believe I am half way through my 6 months career break.
As you can see I am still enjoying blue skies!

Sandy x


  1. Hi Sandra looking fabulous as always ! Am I right in thinking its the same company building the airport as the ship you sailed to the island on? When is the airport due for completion? x

  2. Oh thanks Scania. The company building the airport is Basil Read. The ship I sail to St Helena on is the RMS St Helena. Not the same company. The airport should be ready in March next year. Not long now.... A four and a half hour flight from Johannesburg!!