Monday, 1 June 2015

Come fly with me

Hi everyone

As promised here are a few pics from my visit to the St Helena Airport site.  As most of you know, I am not a technical kind of girl, so updates on the airport progress can be found here

Standing outside the Terminal Building. 

On the runway

A big thank you to Basil Read for an enjoyable tour!
The NP Glory - Basil Read Supply Ship

Cannot believe I am half way through my 6 months career break.
As you can see I am still enjoying blue skies!

Sandy x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Diana's Peak

Diana’s Peak National Park covers 81 hectares.  Tree Fern, Black Cabbage, Dogwood, Whitewood and Cabbage Trees dominate the vegetation of the Peaks.

The National Park is home to many different types of invertebrates; most common are the Golden Sail Spider, The Blushing Snail and Weevil.  Unfortunately I did not get an opportunity to photograph any of these!

Bringing to you the landscapes and flora from Diana’s Peak National Park:

Entrance to the Park from Black Gate

High Knoll Fort

Looking across to High Knoll Fort

Lots Wife in the background

Stone Top and George Island

Flagstaff and The Barn

Looking across to High Peak

Tree Fern and Cabbage Tree

Even space for some Fuchsia!

Hope you have enjoyed the pics as much as I loved my walk last weekend!!!

Below is the St Helena Airport in progress.  Pop by soon to see me there xx

Saturday, 2 May 2015

My Jacobs Ladder Challenge

Jacobs Ladder is a 699 step unevenly cut rock staircase dominating the sloping cliffs of Jamestown. The steps are around 30 centimeters high and the same wide.   

I used Jacobs Ladder frequently during my time at senior school.  It was the quickest way to get into Jamestown after school.

Yesterday, I wanted to prove to myself that many years later I could still do it!  

Anticipating the Climb
View from the bottom

One last chance to change my mind!

The ascend begins

Nearly half way

It's much steeper at the top

Yes I did it!!!

Looking back

All 699 steps were worth it for the view

A big thank you to my sister Glynis for capturing my exhilarating climb of Jacobs Ladder.