Monday, 30 March 2015

My first three weeks

Hello everyone.  Three weeks on St Helena and I am settled and have acclimatised to the warm weather, change of diet and lifestyle. 

My 05:45am alarm for a day at the office has been replaced by the sound of roosters crowing at sunrise.  This is the time of day I love to exercise, before the day time temperatures soar to over 25 degrees Celsius.

Lazy afternoons are spent admiring the dramatic sunsets.

How wonderful it is to enjoy the island fruits such as mangoes, bananas and papayas and many more seasonal varieties to look forward during my stay!

Wishing you Happy Easter holidays!


  1. Beautiful ! Enjoy your stay xx

  2. G'day Sandy! Looks idyllic. I expect your garden in Bedhampton looks pretty similar at the moment! I hope you managed to pinch and punch someone yesterday, on the 1st? Happy Easter; don't eat too much chocolate, and keep on enjoying paradise! x

  3. Hi Jim thought about you on the 1st. Lots of love from sunny St Helena xx